Fossa Chocolate Collection (Chilli Peanut Praline, Jasmine Green Tea, Lychee Rose)

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We've got an all-new line-up this season of Fossa Chocolate's exquisite chocolate bars with Chinese flavors. 

Fossa Chocolate was founded in Singapore in 2017 as one of the country's first bean-to-bar chocolate makers. They quickly rose to fame in Singapore and beyond for their unique flavor combinations appealing to the East Asian palate. We have chosen three of our favorite bars for this collection of Chinese chocolates. We marvel at how the bars have such thoroughly infused and pronounced flavors, tasting exactly like their names! 

The following descriptions are from Fossa Chocolate:

Chilli Peanut Praline: Winner of a bronze award at the International Chocolate Awards 2019. Inspired by our favourite satay sauce, we created this unapologetically bold and fiery chocolate that will leave you craving for more. Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, peanuts, cacao butter, sundried chilli, sea salt

Drifting Snowflakes Jasmine Green Tea: 碧潭飘雪 (Bi Tan Piao Xue) is a traditional tea from Emei Mountain in the Sichuan Province. Made using top-grade green tea harvested in spring, layered with the best jasmine flowers that bloom in summer, it is an elegant tea that befits the name. Our preparation with the floral and mildly fruity Peruvian cacao from Ucayali River makes a chocolate that has a depth of flavour with lingering umami and jasmine fragrance. This limited release bar is made in collaboration with rare tea curator Pekoe & Imp. Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, green tea leaves, jasmine flowers

Lychee Rose: Rose tea-infused Tanzania 54% dark milk chocolate topped with dehydrated lychee from Thailand and crunchy cacao nibs. Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, dehydrated lychee, rose tea

Fossa creates chocolate from raw cacao beans by roasting, cracking and winnowing, refining and conching the chocolate vs. buying a readymade semi-finished chocolate. The company sources single-origin cacao beans, often working directly with the farmer who grew them, and uses top-quality ingredients in their inclusion bars. (“We use only cacao that are traceable to its source and provide full transparency, giving credit to farmers where it is due,” say the three young owners on their website.)

Source: Fossa Chocolate, Singapore
Size: 3 bars (1 of each flavor), 50 grams each
Ingredients: see above (contains peanut)
MSRP $39; collection price $36