Hot Chili Flakes (Te La Jiao Mian)

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These deep-red chili flakes from Sichuan are used in dishes such as la zi ji (chicken with chilies) and dry-fried eggplant and are ideally suited to making chili oil, with just the right mix of flakes, powder and seeds from Sichuan chilies. These are the hottest of our chili flakes and produce a deep-red, hot hong you (red oil). However Sichuan chili oils—including ones made from these flakes—are not forbiddingly hot, as they are meant to be used in abundance in Sichuan cooking and condiments. Manufactured chili oil cannot compare with homemade, and these are the flakes for the job. See the Mala Project recipes for chili oil and crispy shallot chili oil for easy instructions.

This large, 1 pound bag will make many jars of chili oil and dozens of dishes. Store in a cool, dark place or, for longer term, in the freezer. 

Source: Sichuan Huarui Trading Co., Chengdu
Size: 454 grams (1 pound); 4 cups by volume
Ingredients: Chili powder/flakes