ZinDrew Garlic Chili Oil (Extra Spicy)

Just as with hot sauce, you can never have too many chili oils. They are all different, with varying spices, aromatics, textures and heat levels. ZinDrew Chili Oil is totally different from the Sichuan Chili Oil we carry, whose flavor punch comes from Sichuan pepper and spices. ZinDrew is all about the garlic, which makes it ideal for use when your dish already includes Sichuan pepper (or for those who don't like the numbing spice).

ZinDrew also has a higher ratio of solids to oil, and the savory chili-garlic bits add a chewy crunch to your fried rice, noodle bowl, dumpling sauce—or even your tacos and pizza. Chili-and-garlic goes with just about everything. 

Most of the products we carry come straight out of Sichuan, but ZinDrew comes straight out of the SGV, or the San Gabriel Valley—the largest and most influential Chinese enclave in the U.S., just east of Los Angeles. 

ZinDrew is a new product that has been available only in the SGV until now, but we took one bite of this crunchy, garlicky chili oil and knew it belonged in our kitchen and yours. It tastes quintessentially Chinese, though Andrew Lee, who grew up in the SGV, actually created its flavor profile to please his wife, Zin, who is from Myanmar.  

ZinDrew oil comes in two flavors: OG, which we deem mildly to moderately spicy, and this version they call Suicide, which is indeed super spicy. Note that the label does not include an ingredient list. Please refer to this listing for ingredients. Made as it would be in China, it includes a small amount of MSG. 

Producer: ZinDrew Chili, Whittier, CA
Size: 9 ounces (265 ml) 
Ingredients: vegetable oil, chili, garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar