Fossa Chinese Chocolate Collection (Spicy Mala, White Sesame & Seaweed, Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha)

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Singapore-crafted Fossa Chocolate first caught our attention when they introduced an exquisite bean-to-bar chocolate that features the flavors of mala. The first bite of this unique Spicy Mala bar blew us away, because it actually tastes like a Sichuan mala stir-fry, not only spicy but really and truly numbing from its generous helping of Sichuan pepper amid the dark chocolate. 

Our tasting then moved on to the company's White Sesame & Seaweed bar, a savory-sweet flavor that cooled and soothed our tongue with its nutty, briny, umami edge in a caramelized white chocolate.

Finally, we ended our Chinese chocolate flight with a dark chocolate featuring Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha, a rare red (black) tea from the famed Phoenix Mountain of Guangzhou. It too delivered exactly as promised, with an intensely satisfying black-tea taste (which won it a gold medal in the 2019 International Chocolate Awards).

We'd just had a Chinese meal in the form of chocolate! 

Fossa Chocolate was founded in Singapore in 2017 as one of its first bean-to-bar chocolate makers, creating chocolate from raw cacao beans by roasting, cracking and winnowing, refining and conching the chocolate vs. buying a readymade semi-finished chocolate. The company sources single-origin cacao beans, often working directly with the farmer who grew them, and uses top-quality ingredients in their inclusion bars. ("We use only cacao that are traceable to its source and provide full transparency, giving credit to farmers where it is due," say the three young owners on their website.) 

Fossa quickly rose to fame in Singapore and beyond for their unique flavor combinations appealing to the East Asian palate. We have chosen our three favorite bars from their line for this collection of Chinese chocolates.

The following descriptions are from Fossa Chocolate:

Spicy Mala: A special house-made spice mix is slowly wok-fried to release its aroma, then blended with chocolate made with cacao from Indonesia and the Philippines. Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, peanut, sesame, dried chilli, Sichuan peppercorn, cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds.

White Sesame & Seaweed: This luscious bar has roasted white sesame seeds pounded and added with dried seaweed into our signature caramelised white chocolate. A generous topping of dry roasted puffed rice lends a toasty flavour and provides a crunch. Ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, white sesamecane sugar, puffed rice, seaweed, sea salt.

Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha: Honey Orchid (蜜兰香, Mi Lan Xiang) is a dancong (单枞) tea cultivated in the Phoenix Mountain (凤凰山, Feng Huang Shan) of Guangdong Province. Made into a Hongcha (Western style black tea), this tea is naturally sweet and fruity, mimicking natural aroma of fruits and flowers. Hand-harvested from Tian Zhu Keng village (甜竹坑村) in Spring 2020, it has lovely lychee and mango fragrance along with the typical red date sweetness and low astringency. Paired with Kokoa Kamili cacao, it is a delicious chocolate to be savoured slowly. Ingredients: Organic cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, tea leaves.

Source: Fossa Chocolate, Singapore
Size: 3 bars (1 of each flavor), 50 grams each
Ingredients: see above (includes peanut and sesame)