Kunming Tuodong Sweet Soy Sauce

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Sweet soy sauce is used frequently in Yunnan cuisine, as well as in the Southeast Asian cuisines it resembles. But we find it to be a useful addition to Chinese food in general. It brings the dark coloring and sweet molasses umami of Chinese dark soy sauce, but with far less salt. (Tuodong is 470 mg per tablespoon vs. dark soy sauce's 1321 mg.)

We imported this sweet soy sauce on the recommendation of our contributor Michelle Zhao, who's from Kunming and says that "this is the ONE ingredient every kitchen in Yunnan has in the pantry." Yunnan famously uses sweet soy sauce in the sauce for cold noodle dishes.

It is also very similar to what is called aromatic sweet soy sauce used in Sichuan sauces, though perhaps a bit less salty. We suggest using it in "strange flavor" sesame sauce noodles and for making Sichuan's Zhong dumplings (mix equal parts sweet soy sauce and Zhongba soy sauce with garlicy chili oil for a kind of mind-blowing dumpling sauce). We routinely add it to marinades for meat and to braises as well. 

Tuodong is a China Time-Honored Brand founded in the Yunnan capital of Kunming in 1684. We import from several companies with this honored designation because it means the brands are so old and beloved that they are an esteemed part of the culture. If a sauce has been popular for hundreds of years, there's probably a reason why.

Tuodong's sweet soy sauce is sweetened mainly with maltose, the super-thick malt syrup that gives it a wonderful viscosity. There are a few spices in the mix as well, but the sauce tastes simply and exactly like its name promises.

Note that sweet soy sauce is not a replacement for Chinese dark soy sauce, which is much saltier. 

Producer: Kunming Tuodong Seasoning Co., LTD, Yunnan, China
Ingredients: maltose, soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), brown sugar, spices, caramel, sodium benzoate
Contains: soybean, wheat
Size: 16.9 ounces (500ml)
Best by: December 2021