Red Sichuan Pepper Oil (Huajiao You)

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This Sichuan pepper oil is made from just-picked red Sichuan pepper in Hanyuan County, where Sichuan's best Sichuan pepper is grown. It is nothing but Sichuan pepper and canola oil and is a certified Green Food by the agency in China that regulates organic and non-chemical food production. Because it is made from fresh Sichuan pepper instead of dried, it is intense and bright. It is used in a wide range of Sichuan dishes where that incomparable, citrusy, peppery, numbing taste is desired in place of whole or ground Sichuan pepper, including sauces for cold dishes of noodlesmeats or vegetables, hot soups and mala hotpot. 

Producer: Wu Feng Li Hong, Hanyuan County, Sichuan
Size: 256 ml (8.7 ounces)
Ingredients: canola oil, red Sichuan pepper