The Starter Yunnan Collection includes:

Starter Yunnan Collection

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The Starter Yunnan Collection includes:

Note: We are currently substituting the vinegar in this collection. Instead of the 3-year Baoning shown in the photo, you will receive the larger bottle of 10-year Baoning. There is still potential for small leakage in transit, but we will replace any bottle with significant leakage. Thanks for your understanding!

This Starter Yunnan Collection includes Cooking South of the Clouds, a gorgeous cookbook dedicated exclusively to Yunnan food, and some of the most frequently used ingredients in the cuisine, including handcrafted dark vinegar, premium Sichuan pepper, ground chilies and black cardamom. 

Nestled south of Sichuan and bordered also by Vietnam, Lao and Myanmar, Yunnan  Province is influenced by all those places. The food is deliciously diverse, varying widely with geography and, particularly, with ethnicity, as Yunnan is home to hundreds of distinct ethnic minority groups. If you love both Sichuan and Vietnamese food, then you will also fall in love Yunnan cuisine, which resembles Sichuan in flavorings such as ground chilies, Sichuan pepper, black vinegar and pickles and Southeast Asia in its herbs, rice noodles and grilled foods.

Author Georgia Freedman has been traveling to Yunnan since 2000 and in 2011 moved there with her photographer husband, Josh Wand, who took the transporting photos in the book. They lived in the capital, Kunming, for two years, traveling the entire province and learning recipes from locals. The book is as generous with the stories and photos of Yunnan cooks as with their recipes. 

If this is a gift, know that we do not include any pricing info. The collection is packaged with red tissue paper and a product storage and usage guide.