Vegetables of China Card Deck


From our friends at The Cleaver Quarterly come these wonderfully illustrated and highly informative cards featuring 52 Chinese vegetables. The goal of this portable vegetable dictionary is to help you identify and make better use of the wealth of leafy greens, legumes, aromatics, aquatic plants, roots, gourds, fungi and edible flowers found in a Chinese (or Asian) market. Don't be intimidated! Just grab your set of cards and head for the produce aisles. 

Collection specs:

  • 52 full-color vegetable cards
  • 3 x 4.25 inches, coated cardstock
  • 4 bonus cards (the basic rules of ingredient combos and dish construction; how these vegetables fit into traditional Chinese food therapy; basic knife skills; basic cooking methods)
  • A gorgeous illustration and design by husband-wife team Heaven and Summer Lau
  • The most common English and Chinese names of the vegetable 
  • Nutritional highlights (Which vitamins, minerals or antioxidants is this vegetable an abundant source of? Is it considered a “warming” or a “cooling” ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine?)
  • Tips on selection and storage (How do I know it’s fresh? How soon should I plan on eating it? How long will it last in the fridge? Does it even belong in the fridge?)
  • Cooking tips (Which other ingredients is this vegetable most often combined with? Is this vegetable best used in a stir-fry, a braise, a soup, etc?)
  • A fun and often hilarious fact (everything from Confucian food lore to cutting-edge culinary trends from the Chinese mainland.)
  • Handy canvas carrying case