• Sichuan Specialty Ingredients

    (& Chinese Pantry Essentials)

  • sichuan specialty ingredients

    (& Chinese Pantry Essentials)

  • sichuan specialty ingredients

    (& chinese pantry essentials)

  • Straight Out of Sichuan

We love our customers

  • I just received my spice order. My wife works in China. The last time she came home, she brought me some HanYuan peppercorns. They were the best I've ever had...until now. I always test peppercorns the same way; put one bud in my mouth, chew on it a few times, then remove it. It's been about 10 minutes now, and my lips and tongue are still tingling. I can't wait to try the other items I bought.

    Steve R.

  • This looks wonderful. I live in the inner NY suburbs and frequently visit Flushing, Queens Chinatown, but still can’t find half of your offerings.

    Mark K.

  • I’m very happy for all the Sichuan food lovers around the country who now have a trusted source for authentic Sichuan ingredients! Thank you for the great blog and the new shop!

    Betty A.

  • Last night my son cooked the Gong Bao Ji Ding, and I cooked the Mapo Doufu. He had purchased the key ingredients from your online store. Both dishes were fantastic, not necessarily because of our culinary skills, but because of your carefully researched recipes and authentic ingredients.

    Hudson H.

More customer love

  • I used a good handful of bullet chiles in gong bao chicken last night. I'm used to dried red chiles providing heat and flavor, but these also filled the room with a wonderful chile aroma. The freshness really makes a difference.

    Paul W.

  • Your recommendations on Sichuan spices and especially the Laoganma condiments has changed my Chinese cooking for the better and I can’t imagine going back. My husband and I lived in China for four years and are Sichuan addicts. I am so glad to see you are starting the online shop as it’s not always easy to find ingredients, even in New York City. Thank you so much for your amazing work!

    Christina M.

  • I can find many of the ingredients I need in the stores around D.C. — but I often have to visit more than one to cross everything off my list. Your store is a wonderful addition to my online world!

    Joan K.

  • We purchased some doubanjiang and hua jiao for the holidays and the quality is excellent. Hot pots are much more fun (and tingly) now. Thanks so much!

    Michael B.

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