• inspiration & ingredients for Sichuan Cooking

  • inspiration & ingredients for Sichuan Cooking

  • inspiration & ingredients for Sichuan Cooking

  • Straight Out of Sichuan

Customer love

  • I just received my spice order. My wife works in China. The last time she came home, she brought me some HanYuan peppercorns. They were the best I've ever had...until now. I always test peppercorns the same way; put one bud in my mouth, chew on it a few times, then remove it. It's been about 10 minutes now, and my lips and tongue are still tingling. 

    Steve R.

  • For the best of the best, however, go online. Holliday sells peppercorns at themalamarket.com, and they’re absurdly fragrant. Even inside a ziplock bag, they will announce their presence every time you open your cupboard. 

    Matthew Amster-Burton for The Village Voice

  • This looks wonderful. I live in the inner NY suburbs and frequently visit Flushing, Queens Chinatown, but still can’t find half of your offerings.

    Mark K.

  • Poor-quality Sichuan peppercorns are bitter, lack that characteristic numbing ability, and just don't have the same intensity as the good stuff. But "it's very easy to tell if they're high-quality," says Wu. "They have super-brilliant colors, the aroma is complex and citrusy, and they totally have that dank-weed smell." Wu and Young get theirs at The Mala Market, an online store that specializes in Sichuan ingredients.

    Chef Jonathan Wu (NYC's Fung Tu) and cookbook author Grace Young in Serious Eats

  • I’m very happy for all the Sichuan food lovers around the country who now have a trusted source for authentic Sichuan ingredients! Thank you for the great blog and the new shop!

    Betty A.

  • Everything arrived beautifully (and lovingly) packed. Tried your black bean chicken recipe and it was beautiful. You've made this new customer very happy.

    Jim F.

  • The Mala Market offers crazy good Sichuan peppercorns, which are complex, intense, and citrusy—as opposed to the bunk ones, which are bitter, not as aromatic, and lacking that crucial mouth-numbing quality. 

    Mari Uyehara for Bon Appetit

  • I used a good handful of bullet chiles in gong bao chicken last night. I'm used to dried red chiles providing heat and flavor, but these also filled the room with a wonderful chile aroma. The freshness really makes a difference.

    Paul W.

  • We purchased some doubanjiang and hua jiao for the holidays and the quality is excellent. Hot pots are much more fun (and tingly) now. Thanks so much!

    Michael B.

  • I have received the order and everything is just perfect. The packaging is excellent. Thank you! I am extremely pleased with the two products I have ordered and will be using them to make Shui Zhu Beef.

    Steve S.

  • The Mala Project is one of 6 finalists for best new voice in our 2015 SAVEUR Blog Awards


  • My husband and I lived in China for four years and are Sichuan addicts. I am so glad to see you are starting the online shop as it’s not always easy to find ingredients, even in New York City. Thank you so much for your amazing work!

    Christina M.

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