May 2017: Summer Sizzle in Sichuan

May 25, 2017

May 2017: Summer Sizzle in Sichuan

Summer Sizzle in Sichuan 

Hello, Friends of The Mala Market! 

Fong Chong and I want to let you know that we'll be spending the month of June in Chengdu, which will affect availability of products at The Mala Market. We're going to the home of Sichuan cuisine to source additional premium Sichuan ingredients. And, of course, we're also going there to eat and gather new Sichuan recipes for The Mala Project. 

The only downside to this plan is that as a mother-daughter start-up business with no other employees, we cannot keep the store going at full-tilt while we are gone. Therefore we will have limited availability of our products and will sell only our multi-product Collections (see below) while we are away.We will press Craig (husband/dad) into service to get these pre-packed boxes in the mail for us a couple times a week. 

So if you foresee needing any other products between June 4 and July 4, please do order before then and we'll get them out to you before we leave. 

We apologize for any inconvenience, but believe our new Sichuan-sourced inventory will be worth it! 

We hope to see you on Facebook and Instagram, where you can follow our adventures in Chengdu, Chongqing and the villages and farms of Sichuan. 

As always, thank you for reading and shopping!
Taylor & Fong Chong

Starter Mala Collection

Jumpstart your Sichuan cooking with this collection of the best of ma (numby-tingly Sichuan pepper) and la (hot chili pepper) as well as the indispensable Pixian doubanjiang. Included are beautifully printed recipe cards for chili oil, Sichuan pepper powder, mapo doufu and gong bao chicken (or lotus root). Combine this kit with the Sichuan Umami Collection (plus a basic Chinese pantry) and you can make most classic Sichuan dishes.

Super Mala Collection

For the true lover of mala, this collection includes everything in the Starter Collection plus green Sichuan pepper, an additional type of dried Sichuan chili and one package of yacai preserved vegetable. It includes an additional recipe, for dry-fried green beans. 

Wouldn't this make a fab Father's Day gift?

Sichuan Umami Collection

This collection provides the Sichuan flavors other than mala—namely the fermented vinegar, bean sauces and pickles that give Sichuan cuisine depth, funk and umami. Combine this kit with the Starter or Super Mala Collection for a full Sichuan pantry. Then, with the addition of Chinese staples such as soy sauce and Shaoxing wine (or golden sherry), you'll be set to cook almost any Sichuan recipe. The collection comes with recipe cards for yu xiang eggplant, twice-cooked pork and dan dan noodles. 

In case you missed it

Our latest creation at The Mala Project is this Green Sichuan Pepper Fish, which showcases the inimitable green Sichuan pepper. It is mala in the mostest way. Think shui zhu (water-boiled) fish outfitted in green instead of red.