Er Jing Tiao Chili (二荆条)



Er jing tiao is the chili most closely associated with Sichuan. It is 5 inches to 6 inches long and is the mildest of our four chili offerings, with a moderate, fruity heat. This chili is prized for its deep color and robust fragrance and is often used as one of the chilis in chili oil for that reason. These were harvested in fall 2018 and are fragrant and soft. In its fresh form, er jing tiao is used to make fermented chili bean paste (doubanjiang) and pickled chilies for cooking. The dried version can be used when less heat  is desired in a dish or to give depth in braised dishes such as hong shao rou. 

Like most other chili peppers sold and eaten in Sichuan in recent times, these are grown in neighboring Guizhou Province, which is warmer and less industrialized/polluted. These chilies go directly from farmers to our supplier in Chengdu for processing and meet strict U.S. safety standards. We at The Mala Market hand-package them weekly. 

Source: Guizhou Province
Size: 3.5 ounces (100 grams); 4 1/2 cups by volume