Megachef Oyster Sauce (Gluten Free)

Note: Because our friend Grace Young, the iconic Chinese cookbook author, introduced us to this oyster sauce and suggested we carry it, we are now donating $1 from every bottle sold to help her help Chinatown. Every month Grace will select a Chinatown restaurant in dire need of short-term assistance to receive our donation. March's recipient is Frankie Chu's Vegetarian Dim Sum

Although this premium oyster sauce is made in Thailand and not southern China, where oyster sauce was invented, many chefs and home cooks feel that Megachef's version of oyster sauce is the finest. It has no MSG, added color or artificial flavors and is gluten free.

How Megachef does it: "The fresh rock oysters used to make this come from the crystal clear waters off the Gulf of Thailand. Once harvested they are smoked over hardwood to infuse them with a deep rich color and aromatic flavor. Finally, the oysters are simmered with sugar, salt and corn starch until they form a velvety amazing sauce!"

Food & Wine wrote that "Mega Chef has that salty, satisfying flavor, but is unexpectedly vivid and clean-tasting. It is dark and syrupy, with an intensely umami, sweet and not-too-salty triple whammy of flavor. I started by using it to finish simple stir-fries (my favorite means of using up spring veggies), tossing it with wok-seared snow peas, baby bok choy, or asparagus just before serving."

Grace Young, America's Stir-Fry Guru and Cantonese cooking authority, recommends Megachef oyster sauce for its superior taste, additive-free recipe and pourable consistency. Read more of her thoughts on oyster sauce on her site and get a recipe for Oyster Lo Mein. Also check out our recipe for Baby Bok Choy in Vinegar-Oyster Sauce

While it is expensive to ship large glass bottles, purchasing more than one lowers the per-bottle cost significantly. And believe me, you will want more than one. 

Note: Please be aware that these bottles sometimes leak a bit as they lie on their side in transit. They are fully sealed when we ship, and we cannot predict which ones will leak. Please do not purchase if this is not acceptable to you, but do let us know if the leakage is more than a small amount and we will replace it. If it is a small leak, know that it is safe to eat and has certainly not gone bad in that short time period. 

Source: Marine Resources Development Co., Chanthaburi, Thailand
Size: 600 grams (21.2 ounces)
Ingredients: oyster extract (oyster, water), purified water, sugar, salt, corn starch, potassium sorbate
Best before: February 2022; refrigerate sauce after opening