Sichuan Dipping Chilies (Gan Die)

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Note: The sourcing challenges with this product continue. Another shipment has arrived with the wrong formulation. Our apologies, but Fragrant Hot Dipping Chilies will continue to be out of stock while we try a third time!  

This irresistible blend of chilies, Sichuan pepper and numerous other seasonings and secret ingredients is called gan die in Mandarin, meaning dry dish, but a better translation for this condiment in English is chili dip or dipping chilies. 

This ready-to-eat spice blend makes a frequent appearance in Sichuan, served as a dry dip with Sichuan hot pot, and especially with the kind of hot pot called chuan chuan where the food is cooked on skewers. It is also sprinkled on and served alongside Sichuan-style shao kao BBQ. We've seen it served with finger foods like cured meats, a plate of roasted whole new potatoes and fried snacks. Though it's usually eaten as a dip, feel free to sprinkle it on fresh fruit, raw vegetables and popcorn too. 

This particular blend of dipping chilies is the best one we've ever tasted, made for us in Chengdu by a small company that also supplies it to a famous hot pot chain. It is nicely spicy, but not too hot to enjoy in generous amounts. Eat our dipping chilies straight from the jar or mix them with crushed roasted peanuts for a second popular and addictive dip.  

Source: Handcrafted for The Mala Market in Chengdu, Sichuan
Size: 100 grams (3.5 ounces)
Ingredients: chilies, Sichuan pepper, rapeseed oil,  sugar, sesame, soybean, salt, msg, star anise, sand ginger, fennel, cassia