The Breath of a Wok (Classic Cookbook by Grace Young) *Signed by the Author*

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As much as we hope you'll adopt a wok as one of—if not THE—main cooking pots in your kitchen, we hope you won't cook in a wok without really understanding the history, lore and proper usage of China's greatest contribution to cookware.

Let The Breath of a Wok be your guide and you'll get not only practical and insightful stories about the wok but a trove of mostly Cantonese and American-Chinese recipes from kitchens across the U.S, Hong Kong and Mainland China written by Grace Young. 

You might know Grace as someone who dropped everything to champion America's Chinatowns both during and post-Covid, and who has become a beloved public figure for her tireless work and promotion of these quintessentially American neighborhoods.

But we still think of her as Grace the Great Cookbook Writer. Her books—and in particular The Breath of a Wok—are, just like Chinatown, American classics. In the early 2000s she traveled through Hong Kong, Guangdong and Guangxi looking for the perfect wok and learning tips and recipes from both chefs and home cooks. Twenty years later, no one else has done that, and this book remains the definitive guide to old-world wok cooking as perfected by China. 

So on the 20th anniversary of its publication—coinciding with the introduction of our Sichuan heritage-brand lightweight cast iron woks—we are celebrating by reminding you how timeless this book is and offering copies newly signed by Grace especially for The Mala Market. 

No Chinese cookbook collection is complete without (a signed copy of) The Breath of a Wok!

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2004
Format: Hardback, cloth binding, 240 pages
Price: $32 (MSRP $38.50)