Zhenjiang (Chinkiang) Vinegar, 6-Year


One of the four famous vinegars of China, Zhenjiang black rice vinegar, also known as Chinkiang, is dark, full-bodied and moderately sour with just a tinge of sweetness (6.4% acidity). Hengshun is the most famous maker and is a China Time-Honored Brand, in production since 1840. The six-year-old version is the best Chinese vinegar to be found in the U.S., with a deeper, more complex taste than its younger version.

Black rice vinegar is used in almost all Sichuan cold sauces for noodles and vegetables and is a must-have ingredient for yu xiang, gong bao (kung pao) and other sweet-and-sourish dishes. Go here to learn more about Zhenjiang vinegar. 

Producer: Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co.,  Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu
Size: 580 ml (19.6 ounces)
Ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheat bran, rice, yeast (wheat, barley, pea), sugar, salt.