Fermented Black Beans (Douchi)

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Fermented black soybeans are called douchi, but we just like to call them umami bombs, since they pack so much flavor in such a little bean. They are a fixture of Cantonese cuisine, but also beloved in Sichuan, where the most famous hail from Yongchuan County. However the Cantonese douchi from Yangjiang County remain our favorite, both in taste and texture, so that is what we are sourcing for now. These are pure, salty, savory bean flavor, with no smoke flavor as some douchi have. They are a must-have for twice-cooked pork or clams in black bean sauce. Or try the Mala Market recipe for black bean chili oil over on Food52.

Source: Yangjiang County, Guangdong Province; Imported by Well Luck Co., Jersey City, NJ
Size: 454 grams (16 ounces)
Ingredients: black soybeans, salt