Burlap & Barrel Chinese Trinity (Ground Ginger, Shallot and Garlic)

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There would be little Chinese cooking without the trinity of ginger, green onion and garlic, all of which you will often find in the same dish. While they are generally used in their fresh form, there are times when the dried, ground versions are preferred—or when they just really come in handy—particularly in marinades, sauces and braises.

You'll find us stir-frying our greens with either fresh or dried garlic and a little shallot powder for an extra layer of oomph. So after years of reaching for Burlap & Barrel ginger, garlic and shallot powder from our own cupboard when making Chinese food, we thought it was time to add them to The Mala Market's cupboard. 

While B&B does not sell these spices as the Chinese Trinity, they gave us their blessing to offer them as such in a set for Chinese cooking. They come packaged together in a box that tells the B&B story and also makes a great gift. 

You're probably already familiar with Burlap & Barrel, a small U.S. business that sources the most incredible spices directly from farmers all over the world and pays them above-market rates. They do not source from China (as we do), but these three single-origin spices from Vietnam are just as well suited to Chinese cuisines as they are to Vietnamese food—which makes sense since Cao Bang province (source of the ginger and garlic) borders China's Guangxi region. 

Here are Burlap & Barrel's descriptions of the products: 

Ground Buffalo Ginger is an heirloom ginger variety grown by a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam. Known for its fruity, floral aroma and powerful heat, this is a complex and flavorful ginger powder that will elevate baked goods, stews and curries, and beverages from hot drinks to cocktails.

Savory, sweet Purple Shallot powder adds umami depth and allium sweetness to myriad dishes, from rice and noodles to stews and braises. The powder is a convenient substitute for fresh shallotssubstitute 1 tsp powder for a fresh shallot, or use in place of onion powder in rice or any dish that you'd use fresh shallots in. These shallots are grown in Vietnam's Red River Delta, an area famous across the country for this beloved ingredient. After harvest, they are carefully cured, thinly sliced and laid out to dry, then ground to a fine powder. [Among B&B's alliums, the delicious purple shallot powder is our favorite substitute for green onions and shallots in Chinese recipes.]

Purple Stripe Garlic powder, grown in the mountains of northern Vietnam, is savory and sweet, and its flavor adds depth and complexity to everything it touches. The powder can be used in place of fresh garlic, or as an upgrade to standard garlic powder. The rich, buttery aroma is a welcome addition to cooked dishes, breads and even as a sprinkle topping for pizza! This is an heirloom variety with a purple stripe on its papery skin and small bulbs.

Distributor: Burlap and Barrel, Queens, NY
Size and source: One jar each, Buffalo Ginger, 1.8 ounce, grown in Cao Bang, Vietnam; Purple Shallot, 2.6 ounces, grown in Hai Duong, Vietnam; Purple Stripe Garlic, 1.8 ounce, grown in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Ingredients: Title ingredient only. No preservatives or fillers.

Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated