Wholesale Xiao Mi La Chili (小米辣 )

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If you are purchasing for a restaurant, contact us (via envelope icon in menu) to receive a wholesale discount. Also, please contact us first for large orders.

Xiao mi la chilies are the smallest and hottest of our dried peppers. Very popular in Sichuan, xiao mi la brings the heat for those who want their Sichuan classics extra spicy and is often the chili used in mala hot pot. It is also the chili of choice in Yunnan and other southern provinces. 

About 1 inch long, xiao mi la is similar in heat to other peppers that size—though not as hot as tiny Thai peppers. (Chinese cookbooks may call for "Thai" chilies, but what is used in southern China is actually xiao mi la, a similar variety grown there.) As with all dried chilies, the heat is controllable: Leave chilies whole for less heat, cut them in half and include some seeds in your dish for maximum heat.

Most chili peppers sold and eaten in Sichuan in recent times come from neighboring Guizhou Province, which is warmer and less industrialized/polluted. These chilies go direct from farmer to our supplier in Chengdu for processing and meet strict U.S. safety standards. 

Source: Guizhou Province
Size: 1 kilogram (2.2 pound) bag