Hainan Island Fermented White Pepper Grinder ( Bai Hu Jiao)

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Please note! You must lift UP on the grinder cap for a coarse grind and heavy flow. Default position is fine grind. 

These fermented white peppercorns are a product of Qionghai, on tropical Hainan Island, the famed source of China's best white pepper.

Used widely in Chinese cuisines, white pepper is the pepper of choice in China, where "unsightly" black pepper is much less popular. While used less frequently in Sichuan cuisine, which favors the unrelated Sichuan pepper, white pepper is a must-have ingredient for Cantonese food. You will recognize it as part of the kick in hot and sour soup and beef chow fun. Our affiliates The Woks of Life also use it in many of their American Chinese recipes. 

White peppercorns and black peppercorns are one and the same fruit from the Piper nigrum plant but are processed differently. White pepper is left to ripen on the vine and is then stored in water for a week or so to soften and decompose the outer skin of the fruit. The skins are then rubbed off, and the seed is dried in the sun. This traditional fermentation (which may be bypassed in lieu of faster mechanical or chemical means in cheaper pepper) strips away some of the flavors found in the skin of black pepper and adds a bit of distinctive funk in the process. 

Our large pepper mill—double the size of most brands—holds more than 4 ounces of white peppercorns and is always at the ready for those who crave hot and funky. The adjustable grinder top has a default fine grind. Lift up on the grinder top to move it into position for a coarser grind and heavier flow of spice. The grinder top is also easily removable when you need access to whole peppercorns.

Like all pepper mills, this one is best for adding small amounts when cooking or finishing a dish. You will still need an electric spice or coffee grinder to grind larger amounts for cooking or to grind to a fine powder.

We also sell this white pepper in a 6 ounce bag

Source: Grown in Qionghai, Hainan Island, China
Size: 4.1 ounces (115 grams)
Ingredients: Single-origin white peppercorn. Fermented and sun-dried. No additives or preservatives.