Sichuan Recipe Cards

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 Even though recipes have gone high-tech, for actual cooking we still prefer old-school recipe cards over dragging tablets, phones or even cookbooks into the kitchen. They're just so portable and easy to use. We've printed up nine of the most loved recipes from our blog for classic Sichuan dishes. Created by us and tested by our readers, these are the ones we return to again and again. They are printed on thick, matte, 5x7 inch cardstock. 

If you're new to Sichuan cooking, or buying a gift for someone who is, this recipe collection is a great place to start. 

Collection includes recipes for:

  • Kung pao chicken (gong bao ji ding)
  • Eggplant with garlic sauce (yu xiang qie zi) (can be vegan)
  • Water-boiled fish with tofu (shui zhu yu)
  • Dry-fried green beans (gan bian si ji dou) (can be vegan)
  • Sichuan chili oil and Sichuan pepper powder (vegan)
  • Dan dan noodles (dan dan mian)
  • Chongqing chicken with chilies (la zi ji)
  • Mapo tofu (mapo doufu) (can be vegan)
  • Twice-cooked pork (hui guo rou)