Welcome to The Mala Market: A Guide to Our Products and Recipes

February 03, 2024

Welcome to The Mala Market: A Guide to Our Products and Recipes

A Letter to Our Email Subscribers

You may have signed up at either The Mala Market, our online shop for Sichuan heritage products and Chinese specialty ingredients, or at The Mala Market blog, our trove of well-tested Chinese recipes. In either case, you will receive only one or two emails a month, and they will feature recipes for regional Chinese food, some food and travel writing, and news about our products. Our ultimate goal is to live up to this feedback from one of our subscribers:

"I love seeing your emails arrive. Just the best. Why? First, you don’t overwhelm me with daily or more posts. And, your information is timely, interesting, educational, and just plain fun." ~~ Claudia, Palm Springs

Whether you're new to cooking Chinese food or an old hand, start by searching our recipes by ingredient for an introduction to Sichuan specialty products, how to prep, use and store them, and numerous recipes that feature each one.

The recipes come from four mother-daughter teams with roots in China and include both homestyle cooking and restaurant dishes adapted to home kitchens—from Sichuan, Yunnan, Jiangnan and beyond. You’ll also find stories from immigrant, first-gen and adoptive families and their tips for finally making Chinese food at home that matches up to eating in China. We’re glad you’ve joined us!

Taylor & Fongchong

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Chongqing Chicken (Laziji)
Sichuan Cucumber Salads
Mapo Doufu
Mapo Eggplant Noodles
Find Chinese recipes featuring Poultry, Plant, Restaurant Classics, Noodles, and other categories

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Pixian Doubanjiang
Sichuan Caiziyou
Douchi Chili Oil
Green and Red Huajiao
Find recipes using Pixian Doubanjiang, Roasted Rapeseed Oil, Fermented Black Beans, Sichuan Pepper, and other ingredients (Menu: Pantry How-To)

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Sichuan Chili Oil
Sichuan Paocai Pickles
Chinese Cured Pork Belly
Dive into making Sichuan Chili Oil and Crisp, Sichuan Lacto-Fermented Pickles, Sichuan Wind-Cured Meats, and Sichuan Hotpot

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Complete Sichuan Pantry Collection
Lightweight Cast-Iron Wok
We carry nearly 100 Chinese specialty ingredients, most of them exclusive to The Mala Market. Shop for Spices & Dry Goods, Sauces & Pickles, Pantry Collections, and Housewares & Books

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Zhongba Soy Sauces
Sichuan Pepper Sampler
Sichuan Chilies
Pixian Fermented Bean Products
Megachef Oyster Sauce
Our top products include Zhongba naturally brewed soy sauces, three varieties of premium Sichuan pepper, four varieties of Sichuan chilies, Pixian fermented bean products, and Megachef gluten-free oyster sauce