Yin-Yang Hot Pot (Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel)—SECONDS SALE

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The remaining hot pots from our current stock all have slight aesthetic imperfections. They are 100 percent functional, but may have the following blemishes: The welding at the divider may be slightly visible in places; there may be tiny black specks near the welding or on the interior from the welding process; there may be slight discoloration in the interior with lighter patches of metal. There are no dents or scratches, and the exteriors are blemish-free. 

If you prefer a perfect hot pot, our new shipment will arrive in mid-October. 

One hot pot per order. If you would like to order two pots, please place two orders. Or if you prefer to place just one order for two pots, we will send you a payment link for the additional shipping. Thanks for your understanding.


This stainless-steel "yin yang" hot pot is custom made for The Mala Market in Sichuan. Unlike other steel hot pots found in the U.S., this one is made from heavy-gauge, triple-layer stainless steel and weighs in at almost 5 pounds.

This hot pot features a hammered-steel edge around the top of the pot and decorative "ear" handles that are securely bolted to the sides. It is brushed stainless on the inside and highly polished on the outside. Its bottom is induction-compatible magnetic steel, so it can be used on induction or gas heat sources.

The securely welded yin-yang divider separates the pot so it can be used for two different soups, which is popular in Chengdu and Chongqing style hot pot. One side is for the numbing and spicy mala broth and the other side is for a mild mushroom, herbal or bone broth.

The soup bowl has a diameter of 13 inches, and each side of the pot holds 8 cups (about 2 liters) of soup broth, for 4 liters total. Considered a medium pot, it serves 4 people comfortably and is recommended for up to 6 people. 

Elegant and unique yet tough, this hotpot is built to last a lifetime without discoloration, dents, wobbly handles or leakage. 

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Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 4.5 inches; holds 4 liters; serves up to 6 people