Wholesale Fragrant Hot Ground Chilies (Xiang La La Jiao Mian)

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In Sichuan, chili oil is made from one or more kinds of whole dried chilies that are first fried until crisp and then pounded in a large mortar and pestle before they are combined with hot oil. You can make yours that way using a combination of whole chilies we carry here, but it's safe to say that most of us will enjoy a shortcut. These chilies have already been toasted in rapeseed oil and then ground into a perfect mix of flakes, powder and seeds for use in chili oil or for addition to dishes such as hot pot and dry pot. 

Xiang la (fragrant hot) ground chilies are a mix of three popular Sichuan chilies:

  • Er jing tiao: Low spiciness, strong fragrance, very strong coloring ability
  • Zi dan tou: Moderate spiciness, strong fragrance, strong coloring ability
  • Xiao mi la: High spiciness, weak fragrance, weak coloring ability

The combination produces a deep-red, moderately hot chili oil (la jiao you), a basic pantry essential used in abundance to dress "liangban" cold salads, noodles, dumplings, wontons and more. 

Manufactured chili oil cannot compare with homemade and these are the chili flakes for the job, as those from other regions of the world are made and act differently. (Most are crushed instead of ground and do not include powder, nor are they toasted before being ground, plus they are often either too mild or too hot for Sichuan chili oil.)

Our ground chilies contain no additives, preservatives or dyes. Store in a cool, dark place or, for longer term, in the freezer.

Note that this wholesale bag is 2 kilos. 

Source: Chilies grown in Guizhou Province and processed in Chengdu, Sichuan
Ingredients: chilies, vegetable oil
Size: 2 kilogram bag (70.5 ounces)