Complete Sichuan Pantry Collection


This Complete Sichuan Pantry Collection is designed to stock your shelves with every specialty ingredient needed to cook classic Sichuan food. It also includes a full set of nine well-tested, beautifully printed recipe cards for the most-loved dishes of Chengdu and Chongqing. 

The core of the collection is the ingredients for creating ma and la, the defining tastes of Sichuan food. 'Ma' refers to the tingly, citrusy taste of Sichuan peppercorn. Our premium Big Red Pao Sichuan peppercorns were shipped direct from Sichuan after the fall 2018 harvest and are incomparably fresh, fragrant and potent.

'La' refers to the heat of chili pepper, and this kit includes the popular facing-heaven whole dried chilies as well as fragrant-hot chili flakes, a mix of three kinds of toasted and ground chilies that is ideal for making chili oil. 

The soul of Sichuan cuisine is doubanjiang, or chili bean paste, made in Pixian County, and this kit includes two packages. It also includes Sichuan's other two umami powerhouses: fermented black soybeans (douchi) and fermented sweet wheat paste. 

Rounding out the collection are naturally brewed superior soy sauce, Zhenjiang black rice vinegar, Chinese toasted sesame paste and suimiyacai, a fermented mustard pickle used in many dishes. 

The only other Chinese pantry items you'll need to cook all recipes included with the kit are Shaoxing wine (or golden sherry) and toasted sesame oil (available at any grocery store). 

This collection includes nine Mala Market recipe cards: Sichuan chili oil, mapo doufu, gong bao (kung pao) chicken, dry-fried green beans, dan dan noodles, Chongqing chicken (la zi ji), twice-cooked pork, eggplant in garlic sauce (yu xiang eggplant) and water-boiled fish (shui zhu yu). You'll find many more dishes using these ingredients on our recipe blog, including mala hot pot and dry pot (mala xiang guo). 

Collection includes:

  • Premium Big Red Pao Sichuan peppercorn, 2 ounces/1 cup
  • Facing heaven dried chilies, 4 ounces/4 1/2 cups 
  • Fragrant-hot chili flakes, 7 ounces/2 cups 
  • Pixian chili bean paste (1-year doubanjiang), 2 8-ounce packages
  • Sichuan sweet wheat paste (tian mian jiang), 12 ounces
  • Fermented black beans (douchi), 16 ounces (larger than pictured)
  • Naturally brewed superior light soy sauce, 17 ounces
  • Zhenjiang black vinegar (1-year), 19 ounces
  • Toasted sesame paste, 8 ounces
  • Yibin Suimiyacai, 8 ounces
  • Nine Sichuan recipe cards as detailed above

Premium option. Upgrade this collection with two substitutions: handmade Pixian chili bean paste aged for 3 years (17.6 ounces) and Zhenjiang vinegar aged for 6 years (19.6 ounces). 

See individual products on this site for more description of each one, including brandname, provenance and ingredients.

If this is a gift, know that we do not include a packing list or any pricing info in the box. The collection is packaged with a beautifully printed product storage and usage card.