Sichuan Dried Chili Collection

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This Sichuan Dried Chili Collection includes our entire chili line with a 10% discount because we want you to try them all! 

Chilies are the là to Sichuan pepper's má in Sichuan cooking, and Chinese cooks know the best Chinese chilies are grown in Guizhou province, which has the ideal temperatures and climate and wide swaths of land far from big-city pollution. We import the Guizhou chili varieties that are most popular in Sichuan and represent a range of shapes and heat levels. 

When shopping for chilies, you'll know you've got your hands on fresh peppers from a recent harvest if they are a deep-red color without faded, yellow spots; soft and pliable instead of dry and crisp; with a hot but fruity fragrance. 

In Sichuan, chilies are chosen according to their properties and functions, with valued characteristics beyond heat. This collection includes one full-size bag of each variety:

  • er jing tiao, Sichuan's homegrown favorite; low spiciness, strong fragrance, very strong coloring ability; long and slim; only occasionally hot, you can eat this fruity chili in a dish like a vegetable
  • facing heaven zi dan tou, moderate spiciness, strong fragrance, strong coloring ability; Sichuan's everyday all-day workhorse chili
  • xiao mi la, high spiciness, weak fragrance, weak coloring ability; a small chili similar to Thai chili; favored for very spicy dishes
  • deng long jiao, or lantern chili, moderate spiciness and fragrance, a gorgeous, large, round chili

There are no  hard rules for which chili goes in which dish, so choose the chili or combination of chilies that pleases you. Mix and match any or all of the above to make your ideal ground chili blend for chili oil and chili crisp

Source: Guizhou Province
Size: Er jing tiao, 3.5 ounces (100 grams); zi dan tou, xiao mi la and deng long jiao each 4 ounces (115 grams) 

Ingredients: Single-origin dried chilies. No additives, preservatives or dyes.