Brass Hot Pot

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Made to order for The Mala Market by artisans in Sichuan, this brass pot is a smaller version of the style used in upscale hotpot restaurants. Filled with soup and set over a fire, this pot becomes a richly glowing centerpiece for a special celebration. 

The streamlined design, brushed-matte brass and integrated handles provide both pleasing form and efficient function. And the substantial, sturdy weight and build mean it will last. The pot's bottom is lined on the underside with induction-compatible magnetic steel, so it can be used on induction or gas heat sources. 

The single bowl—as opposed to a two-compartment design—allows for one large serving of broth, be that spicy mala, mushroom, chicken or tomato. Use this pot when you prefer one hotpot flavor or when you are serving several flavors from multiple pots. This pot is also a lovely vessel for large servings of soups, stews, braises or anything you want to keep warm over a flame at the table. 

The soup bowl has an inner diameter of 12 inches and holds up to 12 cups (3 liters) of soup broth. Considered a smallish pot, it serves 2 people comfortably and is recommended for up to 4 people. 

Brass is all about the warm patina of a used pot. This pot is not treated or lacquered and will acquire a patina quickly. Especially after it interacts with hot pot soup, it will gain a darker-hued palette, a color that many prefer, though it can be brightened with metal cleaner. 

Note that since this pot is handmade, there may be some imperfections. There may be small scuffs from the brushed finishing process, and on the pot's bottom, where the steel plate is attached, there may be some welding debris around the plate. 

This hotpot is our smallest pot and is a minimalist design. Our hotpot line also includes a "maximalist" design in stain-resistant gold stainless steel, and a stainless steel two-compartment pot

Material: Brass pot with magnetic steel bottom. Compatible with both gas and induction portable burners. Made in Sichuan. 

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 3 inches; flat bottom measures 8 inches in diameter; weight 3.3 pounds. Its capacity is 3 liters, and it serves up to 4 people.

Please read product description and size carefully. We accept returns for buyer's remorse but must charge a restocking fee to cover part of our cost.